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Adista is a provider of internet and IT managed services in France.

Founded in 1981 by brothers Gilles and Pascal Caumont, Adista has grown rapidly from a small IT integrator into a turnkey provider of broadband access, IP networks, IT managed services and IT systems integration with over 4,000 public sector and SME customers.

Competitively positioned, Adista offers high quality service, which is supported by over 300 employees across its network of 24 agencies and five data centres, along with a technical sales team acting as local representatives for customers.

As a small but highly reactive player in a large market, Adista has demonstrated strong growth in recent years, primarily due to the progressive uptake of fibre-optic broadband services and the increasing demand for outsourced IT and private cloud services.


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We aim to become a leading supplier to companies and local governments, offering unique and innovative services to guide them through their digital transformations.