BFT Mastclimbing
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BFT Mastclimbing

BFT Mastclimbing (BFT) is a rapidly growing provider of mobile mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) to the UK construction industry.

Founded in 1997, BFT has transitioned from a scaffolding business into the UK’s largest provider of MCWPs with a 30% market share and a rental fleet of over 650 mast climbing machines averaging c. 80% utilisation.

BFT offers an alternative solution to the more established use of scaffolding in construction, in both maintenance and new build projects. MCWP’s have a number of advantages over scaffolding that become more pronounced in taller buildings: cost, speed of erection, ease of access, health and safety. They are commonly used in pairs with a platform in-between and move up and down fixed masts using a motorised power unit.

BFT’s customers include main contractors, specialist sub-contractors such as cladding suppliers, facilities management businesses and public authorities.

Located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, BFT employs over 70 people, who support all key functions including sales, servicing, installation, disassembly, transport and training.


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Equistone’s investment will provide the funding that BFT requires to increase its capacity and further enhance its national coverage, as well as the impetus to convert a greater share of UK contractors to the advantages of mast climbing technology.