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Ligentia is a UK-based global supply chain management provider.

Founded in 1996, Ligentia provides a range of supply chain management services, mostly delivered via ocean and air freight, as well as third- and fourth-party logistics services.

Ligentia’s customers are primarily large UK and European-based importers operating in the retail, consumer, industrial, healthcare and manufacturing sectors, which require services related to the handling of goods being imported from the Far East. 

Headquartered in Leeds, Ligentia has a team of over 400 employees and a footprint that has expanded to 25 locations worldwide, as well as through multiple local partnerships, enabling it to provide a comprehensive global service.

Combined with its international network, Ligentia provides a proprietary technology platform, Ligentix, which offers fully integrated, real-time visibility and data analytics at individual SKU level, while delivering increased automation for its customer supply chains.


Feb. 2021




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Equistone has an exceptional track record of supporting fast-growth global companies like ours, as well as a deep understanding of the market. We are really excited about this next part of our journey with a valuable partner on board.

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