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Meilleurtaux is a leading French retail financial services broker.

Founded in 1999 as an online credit broker, Meilleurtaux experienced rapid growth. The business developed its online presence, built a franchise network and established relationships with many of France’s retail banks and insurers.

During the 4-year investment period, Meilleurtaux has strengthened its position as a leading French financial products comparator and broker with a strong brand, a reference website and a network of 250 franchises. The business has diversified from offering mortgage loans and loan insurance into debt consolidation, consumer loans, bank accounts, general insurance and SME loans. As a result, Meilleurtaux has more than doubled its sales from €21m in 2013 to €50m forecast for financial year ending 2016 and employee numbers have grown from some 111 to almost 300.


Equistone has worked alongside Meilleurtaux to support growth and diversification into new business lines with the completion of five add-on acquisitions:

  • Bank comparison website, Choisir-ma-banque in May 2014.
  • Multi-Impact, loan insurance comparator and broker in September 2014.
  • Online debt consolidation specialist, Préféo in January 2016.
  • Insurance comparison website,, in October 2016.
  • Brazil-based Melhortaxa, credit comparator and broker targeting Latin America.

Additionally, the business has launched two new websites to focus on business financing options and savings accounts.


Equistone sold its Fund IV investment in Meilleurtaux, the principle company of Finizy Group, to Goldman Sachs. The realisation resulted in an exit multiple of 8.2x and a gross IRR of c. 70%.


Apr. 2013 - Feb. 2017




Financial Services


€16m / €50m

Mitarbeiter bei Investition



Primary MBO

The remarkable performance of over these past four years testifies to Equistone's ability to guide the development of the companies in which we invest.

Add-on Akquisitionen
Okt. 2016
Melhortaxa (Brazil)
Jan. 2016
Sep. 2014
Choisir Ma Banque
Mai 2014