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Scaff’Holding designs, manufactures, rents out and sets up scaffoldings and propping equipment. It supplies to a wide variety of industries including construction, aerospace, petrochemicals maintenance and special events.

The business operates under two brand names: Entrepose Echafaudages, which specialised in the rental of scaffoldings and operates through 16 branches and Mills, which specialises in the rental of props, formworks and scaffoldings and operates through eight branches.

From 2009-2011, demand suffered due to the economic environment, notably in the UK, Portugal and Spain, where the group wound down its activities.

Over the last two years market conditions have been more favourable in France due to the increasing number of public infrastructure tenders. Market prospects remain good with future plans for new high-speed trains, highways, maintenance and dismantling of nuclear facilities and maintenance of oil and aeronautics facilities on the agenda. Algerian and Brazilian markets are also promising and the group plans to expand its overseas presence further by shipping more materials to these markets.


In April 2013, Equistone sold the majority of its shareholding in Scaff’Holding in a tertiary MBO transaction. The management team increased its stake in the business with the backing of two French private equity funds.

Equistone sold its remaining equity stake in two tranches, with one in December 2013 and the final tranche in July 2014.


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