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Small World

Small World Financial Services (Small World) is a leading international money transfer provider.

Founded in 2005, Small World has built a global money transfer network, which enables it to send money cross-border quickly and cost-effectively on behalf of its three million active customers. The business focuses on the remittance market and its primary customers are migrant workers and professionals sending money to friends and relatives in other countries, generally on a regular basis.

Small World’s strength currently lies in its physical channels, through over 7,000 third-party agents, such as convenience stores and phone shops, and its 84 stores, located across Europe, the USA, Africa and Latin America. The business also has a fast-growing digital channel, through both app and web. With over 250,000 locations, recipients can choose to collect cash from a local bank or post office or have it paid directly into their bank account.

Currently, Small World’s proprietary, technology-driven infrastructure can transfer money from 32 countries to 188 recipient countries, while at the same time placing a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance, with its systems automatically screening each transaction.

For customers, Small World provides convenience, breadth of geographical coverage, choice of channel, speed and value for money versus alternatives.


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