Fraudulent websites and phishing scams
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Fraudulent websites and phishing scams

18 Okt. 2018

Equistone Partners Europe is a leading investment management firm. An unfortunate consequence of our size and reputation is the potential misuse of our name, brands and reputation by imposters and fraudsters publishing fake websites and engaging in “phishing” scams seeking personal or confidential information.

Equistone has been made aware of a fraudulent website that is not one of our genuine websites but is purporting to be associated with us.
The website:

  • offers an opportunity to invest in a bond;
  • uses the Equistone logo;
  • identifies the bond-issuing company as "Equistone Partners Europe Limited";
  • lists as the address: One New Ludgate 60, Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7AW, United Kingdom (the address of Equistone); and
  • contains a reference to the FCA register entry for Equistone (FRN 124366).

Please note, that this a fake website and is a fraudulent use of the Equistone name and brand.
Equistone’s only authorised websites are accessible through the following links:
If you have any questions about the above, the security of any Equistone communication, or have concerns about a website or e-mail communication that you suspect may be fraudulent, please contact us at



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